Reconnect disconnection

Dear People,

I’m looking for a packages and scripts for dynamo that can help me to reconnect a disconnection.

When i’m splitting a pipe in revit some taps are disconnected. I want to reconnect to the same tap on the same place in the model. Is this possible with a certain package and a certain script that can collect all the connectors that are disconnected and reconnect them to the nearast tap or connector point. I was think to use the connector manager and connector set but i don;t know how.

Please let me first know if there is any package that i can use for this.

If i have to explain this al little but more please let me know.

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O. Kappert

I think I attended to a presentation at AU where @Alejandro_Mata showed how to do something similar. Look at the minute 35. If this is want you want to achieve, the material is in the link for download as well.

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Dear Xavier,

The script that you advise was a little bit different that i’m looking for.

First i want to collect all the pipe fittings that are disconnected from a pipe after i have split the pipe in a certain length with a certain add-in.

The add-in only disconnect the pipe fitting from the pipes because in this add-in the pipe is remodeled and a tap in revit doesn’t have a connection point in itself. So the tap is disconnected but the add-in.

Know i want to reconnect the disconnected tap to the pipe.

I’m busy with a script that was made for a duct but i have some errors in it to collect all the connectors with the connector manager.

For know i first have to solve this before i can write my script further.

I have an error with the traceback string in a python script. The command is in the python library.

I have put the script in this topic.
Reconnect disconnection.dyn (6.4 KB)

Please can you or anyone else help me.

Best Regards,

O. Kappert

MEPover has nodes for connectors.

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