Rebuild List From Boolean Value


My main goal here is to unify the curve direction into a same direction. So i used filter.byboolmask and reverse the vector. I’m trying to merge these reversed vector with the unreversed one by using the boolean as the base.

I know this can be done by replace.bycondition but it doesnt works if i had more complex nurbs curve.

Is there anyone can help?








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File: UniformCurveDirection.dyn

The attached file aligns all curves in a list to be the same as the first curve.


Hi Vikram, Thanks for your reply.

I tried your using your file but it doesn’t work with me. I have a single curbs curve with many vector at specific parameter point. What i want to do is to unify all the vector of this single curve into the same direction.

Attached file best describe of what i mean…


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File: UniformDirectionAtParameter.dyn




The above methods might not work for very extreme cases. You might want to consider looking into a solution based on this for those cases:


@Dimitar - my solution is based on the assumption that the inconsistency in direction occurs at the points where the Z axis is reversed.

It worked in all cases, I’ve tried. I’ve attached a Design Script version of the earlier file. Try it out when you have some time and see if it works.

File: CrUniDirAtPar.dyn


Vikram, you are right. Your solution works for all cases. I should have studied it in greater depth before jumping to conclusions.

Just as food for thought, I’ve tried both and have found a case where yours doesn’t work Vikram but Dimitar’s does. I’ve used a spline (Vikrams highlighted - Dimitars not).

As attached:




So, Dimitar was right after all :slight_smile:

Thanks to all you guys, in my case both solution works! You guys awesome!



Hey guys
Could you maybe post Dimitar picture again, cos i cant zoom it or click on it.

It’s still available here:

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Ok now i see it…tnx alot for that:-)