Rebar Tag Check


Seems to work for me, but you need to add a boolean switch to refresh the script (or use dynamo player)


Thanks, now if it works perfect, and at the same time can appear a list of the same elements identified but that have no tag in any view, do you need to program with code ?.


@jamess166 Next time please start a new thread and link old topic if you find similar to your query. Thanks!


Here l have added a colourisation node, to highlight which bars have not been tagged, which shall show up in red in the active view.


Using a view filter to highlight the rebar not tagged.


After application of routine.




Thank you for your contribution…


I’m sorry I’m new to this, but it will not happen again.


No Problem :wink: No need to say sorry this is just for your information.


Hi, this is my first post. Checking the markup is great, but I’m looking for forums or anyone to create a script for creating set descriptions. I have already created individual singles, but when I describe walls or ceilings I need to mark sets. Sorry for the limited vocabulary, I’m from Poland and my angelslki is not outstanding: D


@p.piwek please start a new thread as your question is loosely related and this thread is rather old. Link back to this as it’s similar. Should help you get your question answered faster. :slight_smile:


Ok :smiley:


Hi would it be possible to for you to send me this script please?