Randomize the loaded adaptive families on UV-grid?

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I have read everything that I could find on the topic of randomizing panels for curtain walls since it appeared the most similar to my situation. Unfortunately I am failing TERRIBLY at this seemingly simple script-pursuit.

To randomize which of two adaptive panels that are placed on a UV-grid. Panel-A has an diagonal expression in Slanted upwards to the left, panel-B to the right.

I have about 16000 square meters of outdoor acoustic panels that are 1*1 meters large. The surface is slanted and continuosly curved both directions. On this surface I placed a fixed distance UV-grid with nodes in the intersections. Ontop of these nodes there is a repeated panel with four reference points that perfectly aligns itself to the grid on the ever changing host curvature.

Randomiserande av akustisk panel A B_X.dyn (87.2 KB)

Any and all helpt would be fantastically appreciated! :smiley:

Worth mentioning is that when I execute my script, it just says that it is running and freezes Dynamo. But It does not really freeze since I can shut it down with a prompt of “Do you want to save the changes to this script?”. No geometrical changes happen in the model from the script.

It would help people who want to help you if you also provided an RVT to match that dyn.

What does task manager say Revit is doing in terms of processing at this point?

Task manager says that it is alive, but the memory and CPU is not fluctuating as if they’d be working on anything.

Absolutely! :smiley: Please see the link below.

: : : : : : : : : : : : : : : :
: : : Link to files : : :
: : : : : : : : : : : : : : : :

Please note the highlighted button in the image above. Clicking that unlocks the panels (I am fine with that) and makes them more readily selectable.

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I’m a bit tied up with my AU handout and a presentation on Tuesday evening, but here is something to try:

  1. On your model place the same panels placed throughout the curtain wall, gather all elements of that family type.
  2. Shuffle the list of elements - random order achieved.
  3. Use a List.Chop node to break the list into groups of 2 (or 3, 4, n).
  4. Use a List.Transpose your N sublists of 2 (or 3, 4, n) so you have 2 (or 3, 4, n) sublists of N items.
  5. Create a selection set from each group using a SelectionSet.ByElements node. You’ll need to generate a unique name for each, something like "panel type "+(1..n); should work.
  6. In Revit, load the selection set and manually change the family type as desired.
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just a random guess based on how the symptoms sound:

this also applies to python code in your nodes, or in custom nodes…

this should no longer be the case in Dynamo 2.5 - but that is not yet released.

You’re in a tough spot as you built your mass as an in place family. This means you’re not going to be able to easily edit the family via Dynamo as you have to start editing the in place families before you can do anything with them, which blocks Dynamo from running as there is an open transaction. @Michael_Kirschner2 any ideas how to get around this?

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