Radii from Arcs and ignoring Lines


I thought this is easily solvable but I am stuck with it…
I wish to get the Radii from a list. The list consists Arcs and Lines, which makes it difficult because it wont replace the Lines with a Null.
How should I approach that?

Thank you for your help!

My current approach is to replace the lines with very small arcs, but I am stuck with the hierarchy. I have now 2943 elements and would like to keep my original 109. There must be somewhere a mistake with the levels.

Hi @norbert.schlotter

Are you looking to filter only arcs from your list?

newbie version…

I don`t know why you get a null though, if you have just arcs and lines, as in my case, you get a warning + nulls.

Try putting a flatten before the “Arc.Radius” maybe

Thank you Kulkul,

Every line/arc represents a panel and I wish to export a rationalization of those panels to an excel sheet.
One part of the rationalization is the radii. So I wish to get a radius for all panels.
The lines should show a radius of 0 just like shown in the first picture.
I hope this clarifies the issue.

Thank you simoneavellini!

I don’t know the reason for the Null. Its defiantly only arcs and lines
Here is the error even with a flatten.

@norbert.schlotter This might help

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You could use some Design Script if you want to avoid the error



Thank you Vikram,
your code works well and it would work for me too. I guess the problem is that the Arcs and Lines are coming from a List.SortByKey. This node is causing the issues and I might have to find a different approach for calculating the radii.



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