Radial and circular reinforcement

Hi for All,

I’m a new dynamo user and I’m searching for a script or any idea to get reinforcement of my foundation as indecated in the images bellow



What have you tried so far? :slight_smile:

I’m stuck and I don’t know from where to start!!
I’ve only my geometry drawn

I’d reccomend checking out https://primer2.dynamobim.org/ if you dont know where to start:)

Also, take a look at How to get help on the Dynamo forums We can help you better if you show us what youve tried and what’s not working for you.


Ok I’ll explain my issue
In fact while searching the web I came across this page Radial Reinforcement in Revit with Dynamo where I found these two following scripts regarding radial and circular reinforcement created by M.Dieter VEURMEULEN (Radial Reinforcement Bottom.dyn (47.7 KB) Radial Reinforcement Inclined.dyn (216.6 KB))

…but the tows scripts are broken and don’t want to execute because Dynamo tells me that there are some unresolved nodes…so I contacted M.Dieter VEURMEULEN who told me that the two scripts would not work because the used package “BIM4STRUC” for creating these scripts is obsolete and he advised me to use a newer packages such as Structural design!!

So I want to reproduce the two scripts with the package indicated or with another package so how can I do it?