Python mapping family by value

Hi all,

I’m trying to map a couple of annotation tags based on a if statement in a python node. I don’t know what’s causing the problem. The error is saying that I haven’t assigned the variable S and I think it’s telling me it’s a string, but I have already converted it to a number.

I would extremely appreciate your help on this. Please see below snippet of the code and error I’m getting. Once again thank you.


there are several errors…

First, always give us the code as text in the post, so we dont need to retype… however your errors are very basic, so it was easy to see.

s == IN[0]   -->   s = IN[0]
m == IN[1]   -->   m = IN[1]

and remember Python is indention sensitive, and last append is missing a dot.

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Hi @James_Washbourne

And also this. You missed "."





Thank you very much.