Python Error - Could not add reference to assembly ProtoGeometry

I’m using the python script & graph referenced in the following threads:

Up until today it was working beautifully, but when I tried to run the script a few minutes ago I get an error from the Python node:

Warning: IronPythonEvaluator.EvaluateIronPythonScript operation failed.
Traceback (most recent call last):
File “”, line 2, in
IOError: System.IO.IOException: Could not add reference to assembly ProtoGeometry
at IronPython.Runtime.ClrModule.AddReference(CodeContext context, String name)
at IronPython.Runtime.ClrModule.AddReference(CodeContext context, Object references)

Lines 1-3 of the script:

import clr
from Autodesk.DesignScript.Geometry import *

I’m totally lost on what to do with this one.


The error is popping up on any python node that references ProtoGeometry
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Hi Chad,

Are you trying to use Python script in Dynamo Studio?

Not that I know of :worried:

Revit (2016) -> addins -> Dynamo

Maybe you have to reinstall Dynamo? Have you got a ProtoGeometry.dll in …\Dynamo Core\1.0 ?

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ProtoGeometry.dll is in the directory.

I’ll give reinstalling a shot.


It took a full uninstall of both Dynamo & Dynamo Core but it is working now.

Thanks for the assist! :grin:

Does anyone have an idea as to why this is happening?

I had the same issue this morning. The .dll is there but “ProtoGeometry” fails every time. I actually got the python script to run by removing those few lines. I’ll try reinstalling later.