Project Base Point at Startup Location?

Hi all,

For a few months i have done a lot of reading on this forum, and already learned a lot.
So thanks to all contributors, for sharing their valuable time.
But now i a have a question, of witch i can’t seem to find the answer on this forum.
Is it possible to find out if the Project Base Point is at the Startup Location (or is moved)?

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hello @MJB-online!

That can actually be done with one node!

Hi Einar Raknes,

Thank you very much!
I’m going to play with this node one on some sample files.
If i receive a Third party file, i’d like to know in advance if someone messed with the basepoint :wink:.


Hi Einar Raknes,

The above method works perfectly on the current projectfile :slight_smile:.

I know it’s a lot to ask, but could it also be done by a Python node on a directory of files.
I’m thinking of a workflow like the picture below. Instead of the Revit version the Python script should get the same info as the Coordinates.BasePoint node above.

Also many thanks to @T_Pover for providing the above python script, witch can be found here:

I hope someone can help me with this.


So you’d want something like John Pierson’s Document.BackgroundOpen node from Rhythm package:

The Coordinates.BasePoint node only works on the current (active) document, but you could make a Python (or C#?) node to extract the coordinates from the project base point in a given document. This is the C# code for the built-in node:

Looks complex, but the work happens in just a few lines in GetBaseOrSurveyPoint.

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Hi David,

Thanks for your suggestion.
The Coordinates.BasePoint node does indeed only works on the current document, and that is why i would prefer a Python script that checks a list/directory of files.
Converting C# code to Python is beyond my knowledge :disappointed:, so i hope someone else can help me.


Hi Erik,

Thank you very much.
I can’t test the above code at this moment, but i am very sure it is the solution for my problem.

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This is possibly a silly question but are ‘Application.OpenDocumentFile’ and ‘Document.BackgroundOpen’ functionally the same?

Seems ‘Document.BackgroundOpen’ has been replaced by ‘Application.OpenDocumentFile’?


Hi @jaclyn.s,

I think you’re right.
Document.BackgroundOpen and Document.Close are the old versions (Python code).
And Application.OpenDocumentFile and Application.CloseDocument are new versions (C# code for better performance). But to be sure maybe @john_pierson can shed a light on this :grinning:.

Kind regards,


Yep, those are the new ones! :slight_smile: