Problems with empty lists


As @Jonathan.Olesen writes, is all nodes transfered to Orchid, mostly are they named the same as they where in DanEDU, but they are all recoded from Python to Csharp. Some are renamed, in those cases is the name migrated from the first version of Orchid so no graphs are lost. In the DanEDU package were there 50 nodes or something like that, in the orchid package is it +150 nodes!

However, moving from a package consisting of CN nodes to a ZT node package comes with the backside that migration is problematic. On the other side is ZT nodes faster than CN nodes… that is a huge plus when data stream is huge!

Best option is to search for the same name in the graphs having DanEDU nodes and replace them with Orchid nodes. When that is done, then will migration take it from here.


Thanks guys, I remember the problem now. I think Orchid only works with Dynamo 2.0+, and I havent upgraded to that for the reasons I stated before. Migration looked like a migraine.


it works also for dynamo 1.3.x :slight_smile:
it is coded supporting both 1.3.x and 2.0.x and I have two individual executable installers for that :slight_smile:

could you upload a file using DanEDU nodes? Then I will give it a try if I can migrate… I do expect i will fail, but why not try it out :slight_smile:


Ok, well please let me know if you are successful upgrading the file I sent you. thanks! :slight_smile:


On the other side is ZT nodes faster than CN nodes… that is a huge plus when data stream is huge!

So the ZT nodes are much faster? I am having trouble with many of my scripts taking to long, but does that mean I have to re-write them all using different (ZT) nodes?


That would help. Do you have Element bindings in the files? Those have a DRASTIC impact on speed. I would check for you but they weren’t posted to the topic.


If you can only tell us how @JacobSmall :slight_smile: we can probably do it ourselfves

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@JacobSmall, I dont know exactly what that means, but by the name I would same “probably”. Since I am pulling/pushing date from/to revit elements. Which I think is necessary. If you can do that without element bindings, then how do you get rid of element bindings?


@Marcel_Rijsmus and @mix - I owe you guys a new post on element binding. Gimme the weekend to put something together.

EDIT: As promised.


I have posted a new topic where you can see how to migrate…


Ok, follow up to my follow up: The real reason I couldnt install the Orchid package was that it is blocked by my IT department. Is there anyway you can just make it so you can install it via the package download in dynamo? The fact that I am trying to copy an exe is apparently freaking out my IT department. Thanks


yes you can get the content by cloning or zipping the github folder, then take only what you need from the branch which fits with your version of Dynamo e.g. Orchid_200 is for Dynamo 2.0.x versions, place the folder (Orchid_200) where you other packages is placed and rename the folder to “Orchid”… thats it

this is also written in the readme in my github


Ok, I dont know what I am doing wrong but every time I try to do that the orchid package somehow gets removed from dynamo and there is no sign of the original install node either. please advise.


…and your folder looks like this?

it is very important that the pkg.json file is present!


Yes it does.

I notice however that when I have revit closed, and I copy the folder to my package location, it originally has all these files in the bin folder. (right) But after I then open dynamo again, somehow they all get removed (left). So something is happening behind the scenes that I dont understand and screwing everything up.


it might be a good idea to talk with your IT guys :slight_smile:

It looks like you are in a cantankerous company… such an appearance is medieval behavior and suits no one… I don’t understand why IT admin people nearly always think they are like god to others an are the only enlightened oracles.

I do use some of my time in learning these guys that this simply doesn’t go. Therefore, I normally get it how I want it to be… but I do also code the solution they need to implement, everything else would take by far to much time.

So as in everything else… explain how it should be and make the solution for it in advance… then you can have it as you want it :slight_smile:


Well what do these exe files do exactly? If I run them, are they supposed to set up orchid for me or what are they for? Do i need to tell IT to allow them? Please advise. Thanks


the exe file is copying the files to the default location… something there can be done by anyone manually.
but if you destination folder is being deleted somehow, then you need to go to the It guys, there is not way around that.