Problem with a Loop


i am need a requerst if a parameter has a value or not. If it has a value then i want to write it into my form otherwhise it should be empty.
I use the data-shape ui for multi input ui.

may somebody is able to help me.

SPT_Projektinformationen_WIP_forum.dyn (39.1 KB)

Doesn’t seem difficult but I think you should be more specific than “write it into my form”.

I don’t know exactly what you mean by your questioning ,but what about something like this:


my intention is:
i want to create a own mask for the project information … so that nobody needs to know what the parameter means. With the multi input ui from data shape it is possibl but:
every time by starting the script the values are empty … ok soo far so good. i can fill them with letters and so an and can give my project parameters the value i want. — sounds good — now there is a change in the spelling and so an… i want to start the script and … it is empty… => so i want to start:
if “parameter” is empty than … it ist empty…
if “parameter” has a value than … show value … i press ok and the value is written to the parameter… now … the script is in a loop…


Could you perhaps just show your inputs, and then the desired output?

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ok let me explain:

I try to make a mask where it is possible to note the project information … i don’t want to use the task from Revit…
i found from data shape the multi input ui which is able to generate a user interface … well thats sounds good.
I am able to generate my “own” projekt Information mask … (background: our BIM Manager should use our own Parameter)
But now my problem:
every time when i start this script the user interface has no values… ok thats because the text box data has no defaultText

now i tried to geht the value of the parameter first an write them into the “defaultText” … great i works… i have got the value… sounds great…
press “forward” an i am in a loop an the only way is to crash the program… (i think the problem is: first ask for the value of the parameter and after the process write the value to the parameter … and the script wants to start with asking for the parameter)

ok short way:
the parameter has no value … the “defaultText” should be empty
the parameter has a value … the “defaultText” shoud show the value

@Domi1982 ,

is this the question how to deal with default values? is Parameter “active” or “inactive”.

Hi @Domi1982 ,

You already have this in your initial example.

If you use a setup like this the “DefaultText” will be empty if the Parameter-Value is empty:

2022-07-21 Project Information User Interface.dyn (21.1 KB)

PS: If the problem lies with getting two Multiple Input UI++ forms use List.Join instead of List.Create