Practicle Codeblocks, which?

Hello Dynos,

I like to use these kinds of codeblocks. To get fast a information from Elements.

is there a correlation between the prakets () and what i can get from an Element?

Do you have other examples? to get information quicker in Codeblockes



Ah dot notation…

If you look closely in the Levels section of your library why Name and Elevation work will be more clear… there is a method to get the name via a Level.Name and a Level.Elevation node… you’ve got a as your input variable x so you are able to call the methods which apply to those objects rather easily by adding the dot and typing the function name.

This section of the primer gives a solid explanation of what’s happening here and is worth review:

Another node which you can call this way should also exist in the same section of the library:

Try to call that in a code block.

You can go a step further as a Level is also a type of Element so any Element method will also work (such as Element.Parameters), as long as the object has an associated result in Revit.


@Draxl_Andreas the Enquiry (?) section of every category in the Library should be a good place to give you an idea of information that you could extract by dotting you way into them

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Thank you!, i will use my fantasy.



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