Plan view's View Range Settings shown in Section

Too many times our users will assume the view range is why their element is not showing. I want the user to be able to generate a section view (from the active floor plan) and then add detail lines representing the view range settings. I’m close but the lines are never where I need them, always out in space away from the building. I’ve tried just about all the “create section view” nodes I can find but I’m really striking out with this one.
BCE_Get View Range.dyn (124.6 KB)

Thank you for any direction on nodes or workflows.

Nothing to do with Dynamo or Python, but I beleive you can achieve this by going to a 3D view in Revit, right clicking on the ViewCube and then select ‘Orient to View’ and choose the a floor plan - they will create a 3D section view with the crop extents equal to the view range.

… Unless I’ve missed the point of your question!

I’m well aware of Orient to View. I’m trying to keep it 2D and show cut planes, offsets and boundaries. Similar to Spaces in section view. This can also “teach” the user about how view ranges work. I’m hoping.:grin:

Obviously a very long time ago, but did you ever sort this out? I am looking to do the same thing for my team.

Good morning.

I ended up going to Harry Mattison and asked him for a tool. He built this and made it open source as well.

He has also made a second tool to adjust lines and send those elevation values to the View Range settings.

Good guy that Harry.

Hope this helps,