PerspectiveView.ByEyePointAndTarget - 'element' input

I would like to use PerspectiveView node to create 4 cameras at each building elevation/side. The idea is to draw a circle around the geometry, create 4 points on it and get four 3D views. The only input from the user is to draw the circle, however the ‘element’ input requires some kind of geometry/bounding box to be used there. Could the first circle be transformed in a way that it’s suitable for this input in PerspectiveView node?

@pablo102 ,

That could be a way to start :wink:

Thank you, I got that part ready. I am naming the created views, but result is not what I expect:

It feeds the proper name to the last node, but in result, there is just random name assigned. Why this happen?

@pablo102 ,

which package do you use ? - PerspectiveView.ByEyePointAndTarget

The latest one, package 2.6.1…

i mean where this node is included f.e. archi-lab, springs, clockwork,… @pablo102

… i see its already included in Dynamo !

Yes, it’s in the default package

Coming back to my issue, is the naming pattern a normal behavior or is this a bug?

@pablo102 ,

what do you mean with naming?



I meant the view names with random numbers instead of
3D View 1,
3D View 2,
3D View 3,
3D View 4

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@pablo102 ,

i see you comine Integers(Numbers) with Strings… you should regulate your input…
you can attach a codeblock with x+"" and than enter your name values! :wink:

Strange, but this code didn’t solve it:

@pablo102 ,

whats your element input? can check ther the uniqueID?

it’s a boundingbox of the revit modelcurve
Create Cameras.dyn (62.3 KB)

@pablo102 ,

that looks like that can you feed it just with strings? … just to see


it will always add id to the views

I have almost finished with this task, the help from this group is huge!!!
I have other issue with the graph, I think it is the chain order that needs to be adjusted, as I have to run the script twice to create the final sheet with the viewports. When testing it I notice that the Crop View is sometimes read only. When the script runs for the first time in the project, it is fine, but when I delete some created views (1-3, not all of them) and script creates them again they are not cropped, the property is locked.

Have a look at the code:
1.Create 3D views and place on sheet v.1.0.dyn (102.0 KB)

Hello, have you tried Long, on the concerned node


on which?