Parameters on the Curve?

What does ‘parameters on the curve’, mean? :upside_down_face:


Try multiple values
(they all have to be between 0 and 1)
Does that work?

-Just a guess-

How would that look, i.e.

[0,1] or [0&1]?

Dont think you need brackets here just 0…1

If l have 25 curves, would it be 0…24?

I have tried 0…1 and it did not work.

Dont know what you try to do…but 0 is the startpoint and 1 is your endpoint and only 2 dots between 0 and 1…sorry see now i had made 3 dots :wink:

I did 2 dots. However no joy.

you see its very difficult to see, so long you dont share the whole graph…so everything is just guess…good luck

Try 0…1…#4

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Hi Marcel…its a little bit funny when we type in 2 dots its actuelly show 3 in the image :wink:

Must be the bread crumbs in my keyboard i think :slight_smile:



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Could be that you need to extract the curve from the line you have now

Flatten the output from “Framing from Selected topo boundary”.

I’ll look into this.

I’ll look at this.