Parameter.SetValue is failing. Any help is much appreciated... thanks!

Trying to get the Northings and Eastings from our piles into a shcedule as instance parameters but the Parameter.SetValue keeps failing and it’s not updating the values in the revit schedule.
Any help is much appreciated please.
I’me new to dynamo and the 2 dynamo guys at work are on leave and we need to get this drawing out today… ugghhh.

Can you expand the error on the yellow node? Is this the exact dyn and workflow you colleagues have been using?

Hey, yea they have used these scripts a few times before with no issues.
See image of the yelow node expanded. thanks!!

Was this a modification to an existing graph or did this run previously?

It ran previously apparently.

Can you expand the previous for the nodes leading to it, and put in a code block after the element selection (the one feeding into the Parameter.ParameterByName node) that reads as follows:


This should count the current number of items in your list, as well as the number of items in your list after removing any null values, and tell you if they are the same or not. if they aren’t the same, then you have a null or empty list, which may be causing the set value to fail.

Other things to check:
A lacing issue caused by the upgrade to 2.0.
A data type issue (meaning the Northing parameter wants a string not a double).

Hi @claire.pople

What’s the parameter (RL) storage type? Could you please show full graph with all the previews on.

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