PACK 03 - Switches - SCRIPT 3/3 - Line Style replacer- BIM One Inc

Here is the last script of 3 today

With this script you will be able to:

Switch one or many specific linestyles in the active view or the whole model. You will also be able to select jsut the detail curves, the model curves or both.

4-step process

  1. Select if you want it to happen in the active view or the whole document
  2. Select either Detail lines, Model lines or both
  3. Pick the line styles that need replacing
  4. Finally the line style you want applied

It will report how many lines were changed

and for the french speaking people :grin:


We can’t wait to release our next Dynamo Script Pack. The fourth pack might be a bit different, a set of tools to help you push and pull data from a cloud source #ThatShouldNotBeNamed.

If you have any questions about these scripts, please do not hesitate to contact us on If you’d like to receive the latest news, sign up here to our monthly newsletter.


All scripts have an interface when needed (with thanks to our friends at data|shapes).


We worked hard to develop our scripts with as few dependencies as possible to make deployment and maintenance straightforward. By dependencies, we mean custom nodes that need to be downloaded for the script to be functional.


Our scripts are bilingual. The first section of each script starts with a Python script that queries the language of the Revit interface and conditions the text of the interface.


  • These scripts are distributed free of charge by BIM One Inc. They have all been tested and used by our specialists before being released. However, Dynamo, like computing, is not an exact science. Some scripts may not work as expected on your computer or in your projects. We cannot be held responsible for your use of it. Obviously, we will try to correct any problems or answer your questions as best we can and according to our availability. Our goal is to follow up once a week.

  • Like any Dynamo script, it’s essential to understand that manipulations on a file can cause an unwanted result: Always save your file or a copy before proceeding.

  • In order to have a correct result, it is necessary to close and reopen Dynamo every time you use the same script on the same file.

BIM1_ChangeLineStyle.dyn (207.5 KB)


Hi ! Thank you for the three Script Packs ! Is that the right Script ?

@d.sellam thanks, all fixed now and good to go.

are you sure ? image


Fine now ! Thank you !