Overloaded functions, ElementTransformUtils class


I’m trying to use the ElementTransformUtils.CopyElements in Revit API to copy elements from one Revit document to another inside Dynamo in a Python script node. CopyElements is overloaded with three different functions. For some reason I can only access the first one - CopyElements(Document, ICollection(ElementId), XYZ) - through IronPython. It seems that the other ones do not exist in Python version of Revit API because the ElementTransformUtils.CopyElements.Overloads.Functions array has only one function, the first one.

Why cannot I access the other two overloads? Is this a bug or am I doing something wrong?


@taavilooke - That’s weird. I have two nodes that use the other overloads: Maybe something in your code?
The overload that you want to use is in the first code snippet below:


Thanks for the reply. I think there was some kind of a type casting problem.
Putting the list of elements to be copied into a List[ElementId] solved the problem.

Sorry about taking so long to get back to this.