Order of operations failure

Alright guys, this one both perplexes me and worries me. I think it is an order of operations issue but I dont know how to fix it. So what I am trying to do is find items in a list and then group them according to their original order in their own list. There is no way that all of the values dont exist in the list (the watch node at the bottom of the page) but I am getting a variable number of nulls in that list. What gives? To prove that the values are actually in that list I set up a small (light blue) group in the lower right hand of the picture to prove that it can indeed find those values in the original list. So I think some how the information entering the List.indexOfEDU node just down stream of the Passthrough node is not getting both parts of its information at the same time. But I certainly could be wrong. Does anyone know how to fix this? Thanks!