OpenSource DynamoRevit and DynamoCore

Hello everyone, I have a problem and need help.
I have a task with opensource DynamoRevit. I finished call UI and run dynamo as revit addin. For next step, i will custom DynamoCore to create some new methods. But when i load new .dll (DynamoCore.dll) in to the project DynamoRevit and call the new method, i have a bug with description bellow:

When i check DynamoCore, i see DynamoCore use .Net 6.0, while DynamoRevit use .NetFramework 4.8. I don’t know why there is this difference

Currently, in resource DynamoRevit using DynamoCore ver 2.18.1, and DynamoCore clone from github is v3.0.

Hope someone will help me. Sincerely and thank you

Dynamo 3.0 has not been released, but it will target a different .NET version than Dynamo 2.

You likely grabbed the 3.0 build from among the daily builds. You want to grab Dynamo Sandbox 2.18.1 instead.

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yeah, tks you for support. I cloned DynamoCore 2.18.1 and run ok. :grinning:

Curious what you’re doing… Glad you’re up and running all the same. :slight_smile:

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ah, we will run script but do not run from .dyn in local folder :grinning:

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