Open revit project file trough dynamo

I would like to open a existing revit project while i’m in another project. (foreground)

Something like this but this is background perhaps?

I don’t think this can work simply because of how Dynamo is set up. Dynamo specifically runs over a specific file, it doesn’t work without an opened Revit file and issues can be caused when you start changing the opened Revit file with Dynamo open.

you might also want to have a look here:

@PauLtus thats good. I want to open a “package file” (this contains familys etc which can be copy/paste in to the project)

When i run the script ill be in a project file (.rvt)

It just needs to open another .rvt to foreground so the user doest have to browse through the complete file path.

@Marcel_Rijsmus i did check that but didnt get it to work. If you think this could be a solution, i could use some help :slight_smile:

Sounds like you want to open whatever in the background and then load this into the current project… or maybe do something with the background open files before loading them into the current project. If so then it could be a variation over the below shown graph.

The graph can be found in my sample collection at GitHub…

@erfajo Would it be possible to open in the foreground to? So the user can manualy copy paste elements?

It is a big collection :smile:

as @PauLtus says, No that is not possible… however, as @Marcel_Rijsmus wrote, @Andreas_Dieckmann made a solution some time ago, but I am not sure if that is kept up-to-date with the dynamo 2.0.x versions.

However, if you need user interaction, then it should not be combined with dynamo in my opinion… it will become a mess. That said, you could consider if Data-Shapes by @Mostafa_El_Ayoubi could solve the doable part of the issues.