Open Central file and transfer type of elements and save and close

hi all am new here
i try to Document Transfer By Type From File To File In The Background and i face this error
( Warning: Document.TransferByType operation failed.
Attempt to modify the model outside of transaction.)

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may i know the transferbytype node is from which package?

Hi @sarah.9090

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Looks like you need to start a transaction before Document.TransferType node

Transaction.Start node and then feed the resulting elements into a Transaction.End node.

Orchid package

Hi @Kulkul
Thanks for your response I will try it , and I will tell you the feedback
Thanks , Sarah

hello @Kulkul sorry if i late

Document Transfer By Type.dyn (39.7 KB)

what i doing wrong ??

I do not believe Orchid supports transactions like this. Best to ask on the Orchid GitHub page:

Hi @sarah.9090

I modified your script and looks good to me now. Before you run the script make sure you open revit model which you want to transfer and close all other files if you had it open.

DYN File Document Transfer By Type (For Sarah).dyn (26.9 KB)


thanks @JacobSmall for this i report the issue to @erfajo

Hi @Kulkul :hugs:
i am so thankful for this amazing effort you do
but i think there is some misunderstand between us
I need to transfer the data from one file to 16 file with the script you show it to me, i will open the 16 file to transfer the data but what i need is to transfer this data from one file into the another 16 file without open the 16 file because it will take so many time to open :sweat:

You will have to open the other files because you can’t modify the document (No Valid Transaction) in a document that isn’t open. @Kulkul solution is the best as long and you have the source and target set correctly, or use python to do it.

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maybe you can refer to this post for some inspiration?