Notice: Date. ExportExcel operation failed

Download and install the Archilab Bumblebee package and see if that works as another troubleshooting step.

If that fails, open the custom node up directly, grab the python node contained therein and copy it (ctrl+c), switch back to the main graph or close the custom node and paste the python node in. Wire in the inputs as needed and run the graph. Paste the error back here so we can learn if there is a difference.

As an alternative workflow in the meantime you can use a CSV.

maybe a stupid debug question, but, do you have excel installed on that computer? you only mention office 365 apps but not excel itself. :crazy_face:

or using the excel repair tools as


and Excel.ReadFromFile operation failed

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The solution is the secondo link! Thanks so much of all!


Hello, could you tell me which is the solution link? Thanks

I solved it by “modifying” Microsoft 365.
Go to the list of PC apps and click on “Modifica”, possibly make the complete one.
I hope I have been of help!

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