Node to Code and Calling Function Produce Different Results

I’m getting different results when I try to create/call a function and use the node to code feature. Node to code is doing what I want, but I’d like to understand why the function is behaving differently. See attached image.

For context, I’d eventually like my function to examine a list of lists (100 lists of 16 items). I’d like to dispatch the lists to two new sets of lists depending on whether or not the value of index 16 of each sublist is null. I haven’t completed the full function yet, but was curious why I’m seeing different results,

Any helps is appreciated.

@hrasmussen Can you show the list structure of t3? Please also share your dyn.

Image update and dyn attached. I’m reading data from an excel file and comparing it to room data in a model. Element ID’s are stored in index 16. I’m trying to dispatch the data to two different streams based on whether the Element ID field for each sublist is null, or has a value.Building Assessment Heat Map - Data Import.dyn (55.6 KB)

see this thread:

I think it will help you.

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Thanks Michael,

I’ll give it a shot.