Node info


This is my first day working with amazing Dynamo. I love it but it is very hard to get started.

Are there any info about the different nodes and what they do and how to use them?



Have you checked out the resources on the Learn Page?

The learn page is a good starting point, but…

  • we need for every node a special Dynamo-guID
  • a wiki with all nodes described and embedded or links to suitable tutorials, which are using the node
  • In Dynamo in each node a link to the wiki page of the node
  • If u create a new tutorial/video u can add the guID of the key nodes as tags, so everyone can find with google specific node tutorials

Hello Thomas Vogt, David Koch, Andy Andersen

Nice suggestion Thomas.

We understand from many users that the information provided in Library for Nodes is not enough.

We are coming up with new Library Design where you will get more info as well and visual representation of each node.

Have you guys get a chance to download our New Library UI Build? if not I would recommend you to do that.



I have checked out the learn page. When it come to explain how to work with graphics video is the best.
But I feel like I really need some kind of wiki like Thomas Vogt said.

I liked the PDF about code blocks a lot. I was playing with C++ 15 years ago(I don’t remember much, all most nothing) and my first .dyn i base on a code block telling coordinates of points because I don’t know how to do it with nodes.

Dynamo is completly new to me. I have so many questions. The better I start to know Dynamo the more questions I have.
A wiki would really help :slight_smile:

Hello Andy Andersen,

Thank you for response.

We have added lots of examples on Code Block Node and List Manipulation.

If you go to Help>Samples>Core you will find many examples and we have added lots of Notes explaining how it works.

But yes, we will think of writing down all the in Wiki.

Thanks for suggestion.

  • Ritesh