NewSpotCoordinate Method in Python script

Hi All,

Guys, I can’t find any info on this matter…Could someone comment on the following:

I’m trying to write Python script for creation of Spot Coordinates in an active view (plan) for top-right/bottom-left column corners using ‘NewSpotCoordinate Method’… It’s clear how to get all the relevant points, but I have no idea how can I get stable reference to that points from column geometry. I suppose it has to do with ReferenceArray()?!. is there a way to compute reference to certain column corners?? thanx


I see that you create a new Options() class and turn on the ComputeRefernces. Great! But to be able to obtain a valid reference for annotation you also need to turn on IncludeNonVisibleObjects and set it to True.

Once you have that you can use the element.get_Geometry(options), and then go through that list to find what interests you.

Good luck!


Vastly appreciated :wink: You opened my eyes on the stuff how to reference geometry in Revit API through IncludeNonVisibleObjects. That’s my first Python script and even though it’s too clumsy it works for me well :wink: thanks

Anton or Konrad,

i’ve been trying to do the same thing and keep coming across an issue where the script only works when the beams/columns are the only elements in the model. How do you handle the error that occurs if the columns are being intersected by beams, slabs, etc.

Thank you.