Multi Input form to set parameter value

hello there,

Im having trouble getting my multi input form to set a parameter value on multiple sheets. Ive collected my sheets, specified a list of sheet statuses, fed them into a form where the user can select what status to apply to any sheet(s) but the last piece Im missing is getting the form to actually set the parameter value of the selected sheets is proving an issue. the set.parametervaluebyname expects the revit.elements input but im feeding the sheets though the form so users can select what sheets they want to chaneg the drawing status for.

can anyone point out where Im going wrong? thanks.

You will need a node to GetItemAtIndex for 0 (Sheets) and 1 (Value) to feed into the SetParam node.

If you look at the previews of the Multi input you’ll see both indices listed.

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Thanks Sean,

Still getting the same error. set parameter is still expecting the actual sheet elements to be fed directly in…

Yes, I see it now. Make sure you feed the actual elements into the Values input and the Names into the Keys input.

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Thanks Sean. thats worked