Muliple Links/Inputs to the same Input, possible?

Hey hey,

i want to create a zerotouch library to connect two programs. One node has the purpose to export all data. In order to make it it as convenient as possible i want the export-node to accept n-linked Input. Maybe its easier to understand what i mean if you look the picture below.

Do you know if it is possible?

thanks for your help!

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You could use a List.Join Command. With the four inputs as In and the Output into the Yellow Node

Thanks @Daan. But this is not the solution i am looking for. :slight_smile:

Then i do not understand how you want to put these al into the same node, could you elaborate more?

I want the Input of the yellow Node to accept more input in order to filter them and calculate things. In order to achive that, i only want to know if it is possible the create one Input of a node that accept more than one link. Maybe the API provides such things?

I dont want a workaround, i want to know it there is this solution.

This is not possible. Nodes can only have a singular input connection.

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Maybe you could try using a List.Create node and then a GetItemAtIndex with a 0, 1, 2 and 3 and then have the user input one of those four choices.