Method for terrain creation in vasari

what's the recommended procedure for creating terrain objects in vasari? import contour lines like in revit? import geometry from other applications? can the terrain object be an imported surface?

thanks in advance.

Hello Mr. Vollaro,

Is it possible to create a terrain that would work in Vasari for wind analysis?

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Thank you.

I would suggest modeling it as it would be in reality. Remember, if you have structure below grade, and you want it to analyze energy usage properly, remember to properly set the ground plane to the proper level in the Energy Settings dialog. Everything below that level will be considered underground by the analysis service.

Thank you Tom, I will import a mesh, should the context buildings be trimmed at the base or can they intersect the terrain (partially submerged into it)?

Marcello, “Yes” to all three questions :slight_smile: You can import contours from a CAD file and creates lines by picking - but that will be tedious. If you have a mesh from another application, you can import that as well. Remember to import it into a mass by clicking Create Mass before importing. then, you will be able to run solar radiation on the imported geometry. Give it a try and let us know if you have any other questions.