Message Box - Task done!

Hi All,

I’m trying to get a message at the end of the script saying “Task Done!” (or something else…)
when my script has completed? What with the Input to the python node?

I checked this topic:

Any ideas?

Thanks in advance.


Thanks @john_pierson! Please, could you explain me what is the use of the PassThrough node in a script?

Thanks in advance!

The pass through makes the user message wait for the rest of the graph to complete. If you are looking for something to say done. This should do it.

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Thanks!. Now I get it.

UI.UserMessage node is not with standart UI pack and cannot able to find the correct package will you please tell me which pack is it… dyn 1.3.0

The information is in the image: Rhythm.


Hi @john_pierson. Now I want to make an “If-Else” statement that:

-If it is true, display the messagebox.
-If False, continue with the script.

How can I implement the If node in here?

Thanks in advance.


please create a new post, and refer to this post in you new post…

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Ok. Thanks.


I’m super new to Dynamo. I’m trying to do exactly what is being discussed here but I’m encountering the following problem:

  1. I installed the Rhythm package, but the user message node does not look like what is shown in the solution image

  2. Can you please explain the second code block that contains “A”…“Z”? Why was it included?

Thank you in advance for any help rendered.

  • Joel -

My truevis Dialog has a Boolean to run it or not.

Looks like the Rhythm dev added in some extra functionality to the user message node, as you’re seeing. As a general rule of thumb, if you right click on a node and click “Help” it should give you some more information on what each input is looking for, and what the node will output.

So in this case, the Node is looking for 2 strings, and an object of some type.

As you can see it brings up a window with the header being “Caption” the body being “Message”, as well as a yes/no prompt. Looks like if you click yes, it’ll pass whatever object you put in that last slot through the node, and if you hit no it won’t pass through anything.

There’s also a “SimpleUserMessage” which does away with the object input, and just takes the caption & message.

The “A”…“Z” code block just outputs the alphabet as a list.
It doesn’t do anything special in that dynamo script other than be a generic input for the passthrough node.

Also, in the future, it’s generally preferred for you to make a new post than bring an old one back to life. You can always link to the post you would have otherwise posted in!


Thank you so much for the help. And understood regarding making a new post.

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