Merge 2 lists into 1

Can anyone help to merge these 2 lists into 1?

I want to overwrite index from 1 list to the other if it does not say “tavlediagram”

Please search forum

Cant find what Im looking for?

Hi @moeng try:

Could you give an example for from what to what you’d like it to go? There’s many ways you could combine two lists.

I want to overwrite the indexes of the top list with the bottom list .
But only when the bottom list does not say “Tavlediagram”

Makes sense?

Not quite.

II think it should be solvable via an if statement.

For the ease of it and before I’d start to buy a wrong program, could you show the result you’d like from the image?

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0 gdfhgfdhgf
1 Tavlediagram
2 Tavlediagram
3 dfhfgjf
4 Tavlediagram
5 Tavlediagram
6 Tavlediagram
7 45435

What if you get two non-“Tavlediagrams”?

Then it should also replace

Yeah, but should it replace the thing from list 1 with that from list 2 or the other way around?

Think I got it now…
Thanks for the help anyway.