Hi, I am trying to use the Mathematica package, however, there is no description of how it works and what types of inputs are required. So, has anyone tried it, or has an idea on how it works?

From the package manager:

DynamoMathematica allows Dynamo to connect with the headless math kernel inside Wolfram Mathematica and perform calculations. It is a Dynamo ‘zero-touch’ wrapper around the Wolfram.NETLink.dll (also included) and is based on the Wolfram MathKernelApp sample project. In order to use this package you need Mathematica installed locally on your machine. Proper usage entails passing in a string that is evaluated by Mathmatica, for example “2+2” returns 4

Outside of that, maybe try contacting the user that created it?

Thanks Tom!

I noticed that was the only description there was. But, my issues is when trying to connect the components to create the Dynamo Graph, there is not much information provided.

I think I will contact the developer as you have suggested.