Matching a list with other to get index of value


Hi Everybody,

I have been trying to match the smaller list which is derived from the longer list and still contains same value.

I need to get index of the smaller list values from the other list.

Any support will be appreciated ,

Thank you ,

Would this work?

Thank you martin,

I have tried this .

I need to either choose the second list from first.
match one list with other and get list of only matched ones.

something like this


I think it would be easier and get rid of a lot of confusion if you could show us what you want the outcome to look like. This problem has been asked a lot of times in many different ways so it is hard to tell what you are expecting with just your explanation.

@Preetesh_Magdum1 If I’ve understood your intent, this should work
getMultipleIndices.dyn (21.1 KB)

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thank you so much vikram,
this is what i wanted , yet i could not get the result for some reason.

this is what i got as an error

Actually this list is coming from another list.

Basically what i need to match one list of element sizes listed to match with other at 10mm tolerance
and resulting to show the matched sizes.
here is what the lists are coming from -