Map function Syntax

please, could you explain to me the following syntax of the map function in python?

if isinstance(IN[0], list): OUT = map(list, zip(*[GetRoomBoundaries(x, IN[1]) for x in items]))
else: OUT = GetRoomBoundaries(items, IN[1])

there are a few things happening here -

the one you asked about the map function See explanation here

another is the Zip function See explanation here

Last but not least is the concept of list comprehension that is discussed here

All this of course in an if statement.

try breaking it to small bits that you can test yourself .

My question is only about the syntax of map.
In the script :
map(list, zip(x,y))
So, the (list) is not a defined function , however, no error is returned

my mistake the list is a builtin function - see here

like this

but actually this can be done like so , not sure why you would need the map as well

Actually I am wondering too because once I remove it , the script still works.Yet, I thought it could be necessary for some reason.