Look up Value in a List Warning Message

Got to see this great example for Look up values between 2 Lists from @Vikram_Subbaiah “Lookup value in a list and place it in other list”.
however it seems not working with Dynamo 2.0.2.

Does anyone out here knows a work around?
Win 7
Revit 2019
Dynamo 2.0.2
Thanks in advance

Hello. The older versions of Dynamo used different syntax for lists ( 1.3 and earlier used { } instead of [ ]) so the calls made in that code block will not work anymore. Here is an easy workaround for Dynamo 2.0+ using dictionaries:

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One thing I was curious about is why does it not require an input for the variable a? It just knew what it was?

Hi @kennyb6 overall still very confusing for me…i’m doing baby-steps here.
thanks for your time

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No problem. If you need help learning what dictionaries are in Dynamo, you should check out the Dictionary section on the Dynamo primer. If you haven’t read through the primer yet, it will help you a lot on getting started with Dynamo.

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