Loft surface self-intersects

I am pretty new in Dynamo. I am trying to build a Möbius (can be called torus) volume with equilateral triangle as cross-section. At the end, I am trying to loft it by surface loft but due self-intersection, the loft is not happening. I tried sweep also, same thing is happening. If there is any other way to make the surface with the cross-sections, please let me know! Thank you in advance.

Hi @sadia.h.mounata

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Could you please expand previews of each node and what does the error say at Surface.ByLoft?
Or could you please drop dyn file in google drive or similar and share the link here to dyn file?

This may help:

Hello! Here are the previews and the error. Thank you!!!

Hi! Thank you for the suggestions! I checked it out. I need the space inside of the volume (it’s a pavilion design) and the form is not actually 3D version of mobius strip, it is half-twisted rather than full twisted. I am also not very familiar with designscripting. I am not confident that I can make it work with script. Thank you for replying. And here is the inspiration of my form -