List sort by key


Hi all and thanks in advance.
i wanted to sort surfaces based on their areas.
my final values are not correct.Where is my mistake?

Ordering list of object coordinates by elevation and attach a string for respective elevation

u want to sort them by ascending order of their area?


yes. so i can take the max value .


try list.sort node instead of SortIndexByValue node



Maybe You Like:


i dont get it…


i also trying different levels if something is wrong but i dont get where is the mistake


Can you share your files?


go this way




which package is that?


DanEDU Dynamo


If all you want is to get the largest area why no just use “List.MaximumItem”?


to use list.max item i need to convert surface information to area . after the maxitem out put will be a number but i need surface to maniplate later on.


But when you have the maximum area using List.MaximumItem, you can use a simple boolmask to find the surface with that one/multiple with the biggest surfacearea?


i didnt know that also dont know how to


I do not have a surface to show you on, so imagine my lines is your surfaces, and my length is your area:

Using list levels, you can go into the groups of surfaces, if that is what you wish.


exactly the one!


Please notice! The previously released DanEDU Dynamo package is now released as the Orchid package!