Can someone tell me the package name for List.ReverseFlatten node?

Thank you!

Never used it, but if you right click the node and select help it should help you find it.

Using the correct amt input and list levels should get you the same result.

Hi Jacob,

I’ve tried but does not have any info regarding the package.

Can you show a screenshot of the help window? Also, try double clicking on it and checking where it’s pathed to once you’re in the file.

This is all the info I can see…?

Yes,but it’s much faster with this node. Have any clue about the package name?


I would argue that it’s much faster using the ootb node. It’s also possible this node was deprecated with the release of 2.0, when the core Flatten node was given this same functionality.

Can you tell me a package and a node that does the same thing in the same manner?

Look into list levels. I promise it will make things so much easier. The out of the box node with list levels will do exactly what you want.

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