List Replace Item At Index Node - Not Working As Expected

I am trying use the list replace item at index node and I am getting some odd results.

I have blank set of data the has at total of 216 entries, but after using the list replace item at index node, it yields 571 entries.

In the end, I am trying to populate specific entries with the lists, with given indexes and given data. The end data will have specific entries and should have the same size as the orginal list.

I am getting lost in which input should be at which level and and which list structure should be maintained. For example, in my setup, for list 5 at level 3, i need to replace the 1 lists, but not the 0 or 2 list (those are to remain N/A),

Index is given by the following lists:

With replacement values of:


Again, your help is truly appreciated.


Can you just post the inputs to the Replace Item at Index node. I think all you need to do is change the input for the list to L3.