List of Families and Types

I’m trying to get a list of all families and their types available for insertion, from within a project. But I’d also like to see them organized by Family category (if that’s the right term). So, for example, it would look like this (just like the “Families” section in the Project Browser:

Annotation Symbols
Area Tag
Area Tag 1
Area Tag 2
Callout Head
Callout Head 1
Callout Head 2



Something like this?

I noticed that “Annotation Symbols” sadly reside in “Element Types” and not in “Categories”, so you can’t just feed them all at once in the All Family Types of Category node.
You could either try to modify the python script or feed one by one each annotation symbol’s category, e.g. Area Tag, Callout Head, etc into a big List.Create and then in All Family Types of Category.
Then it’s just a matter of playing with List.Sort , List.SortByKey and so on, if the ouput isn’t pleasing