List merging

Hi all,

I need help in using the List.Map or so to merge the 2 lists as shown below.

Please help.

Hi @varunbose

Or this:


Thanks @jostein_olsen, Shurendel for those hints.

But my script didn’t work the way I thought will…So I changed the script and now I need another help.

I need to repeat the script in red box number of times provided by list.count

or even the number in the first code block to start from 0 to number from list.count.

May be any List.Map functions…

Don’t know whether I explained it properly.

Below is the complete graph & sample project…

(Element.In room don’t work for me, as equipment is above room space. So I edit code to get Equip. location point with 0 in Z axis.
Room name to Equipment_Script.dyn (16.5 KB)
Project - To Open.rvt (1.1 MB)
Project - To Link.rvt (1.6 MB)

You asked a specific question in your original post.
If @Shurendel or @jostein_olsen has solved that I’d say mark it as solved.
I’d say as you changed your script and are now dealing with a different problem it might be better to create a new topic for that new problem.