List hidden elements

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I’m trying to find a custom node that let’s me list all hidden elements in a view. I tried genius loci node but it works weirdly. It only detects a hidden element if I hide one before I use it and it doesn’t detect elements that are previously hidden in the view.

If I am understanding this correctly, that should be exactly how the node and Dynamo in general function. A node in Dynamo does not update itself unless an input is changed. Because the input is likely a view (haven’t looked at the node yet), the input probably doesn’t change between runs so any element hidden after the run will not be reflected in the graph. You would need some toggle or reconnect the node for hidden elements to be updated.

Can you explain this part more:

What does the node show/not show?

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There’s an old custom node (Element.IsHidden) that solves my problem.

Thanks for the reply @kennyb6. I expect the node to identify the hidden element in the view, regardless how long it is hidden. The node from genius loci only detects the recently hidden element, which is not the one I’m looking for.


I can’t replicate your issue.
Both nodes use exactly the same method : IsHidden(view)