List Flatten Code Block Syntax

Hello dear professionals,
Please advise the proper syntax (action function). I know about the button Nodes to code and this is not what I’m after.
I did it as per dynamo primer but still it doesn’t work:

Hi @m.shcheblykin,

Type DSCore.List.Flatten(x, -1); instead.
You can use the function Node to Code to find the correct designcript syntax.
(select nodes, rigth click on the canvas)

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Thank you for your reply, but Im looking for the syntax with .Action

I’m not sure I understand what you’re looking for. That is the syntax for Flatten. Are you trying to create a function to call?

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Im looking for a way how to do the same with List flatten function

you can’t. The X property is an instance method that is defined for point instances.
The Flatten function is a static function inside the list class, it doesn’t exist on list instances.

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