List Flatten Code Block Syntax

Hello dear professionals,
Please advise the proper syntax (action function). I know about the button Nodes to code and this is not what I’m after.
I did it as per dynamo primer but still it doesn’t work:

Hi @m.shcheblykin,

Type DSCore.List.Flatten(x, -1); instead.
You can use the function Node to Code to find the correct designcript syntax.
(select nodes, rigth click on the canvas)


Thank you for your reply, but Im looking for the syntax with .Action

I’m not sure I understand what you’re looking for. That is the syntax for Flatten. Are you trying to create a function to call?

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Im looking for a way how to do the same with List flatten function

you can’t. The X property is an instance method that is defined for point instances.
The Flatten function is a static function inside the list class, it doesn’t exist on list instances.

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