List, drop list in list

Hi all,

Check picture below?
How can I manage the list 1 transform to list 3?

If value in list 2 is True, than I need to delete the list @L2 in the first list.

Hope I am clear! :wink:

Hi @Bogey

Do you mean the first value of you’re second list or the whole list?
Maybe try the ScopeIf node?

You need to check your sublists for whatever condition you require. Then do a secondary check to see if any items in your sublist pass/fail (whatever you’re after). That should give you the second output (but in a 2D list instead of 3D). From there it’s a simple filter with FilterByBoolMask.

Hallo Jan Willem,

De first list (red nr. 1) needs to become like the last list (red nr. 3).
So I have list 1 (with 3 nested list inside).
If in list 2, the value is true, than I want the whole nested list deleted from the list.

My english is not the best in the world haha

Thank you Nick, I will give it a try lateron today I hope.
I let you know.

@Bogey Try to remove the levels of your List.Flatten

Got it! Thank you all!!!