List combine at same level

I all,

I’m trying to combine lists but the final result is the one shown in figure 1 and what i idealy would like to get is the shown in figure two.
I have achieved the result I want with dividing the list, doing some flatten and combining lists again.
My question is if there is a direct node for going from 1 to 2 directly, as in further runs the first configuration list can change so what i have done may not be working.

How do you want to go from 10 items to 4?

you are right sorry I did not capture the right result,

but my question was about taking those 10 elements in list 1 and transforming them in a list like seen in image 2 (all 10 elements at @L3 and 0 List).
I don’t want to change the number of elements.

Ah okay. Try this:

Play with list levels and a flatten node.

For yours, you probably only need list @L4

It took me some time to investigate exactly how are levels working but it works, thanks!

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For future reference have a look at this link:

Haha, that’s exactly the post I’ve been reading for understanding.


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