List and index repeated items

Hello forum

In my list I have a repeated value at the items 0 and 12 and anothers repeated values.
The nodes for listing and indexing repeated items is not working like I expected.
My way to get unique items was pruning duplicates and get diferences from the main list. At List.AllIndicesOf I hope see for the first sub list the 0 and 12 indices but just got 12.
Im working with Dynamo and Revit 2016 service pack 2, windows 10 64bits.

Thanks for help
Prueba.dyn (19.2 KB)
Prueba.rfa (448 KB)

Someone can tell me what happen in the job?

Have you tried group by key?

@jpTrujilloLevy Reconstructing the points should help


Thanks @Vikram_Subbaiah . Gonna test
I see… reconstructing points. Is this a “hard way” to get the result… Can I supose there is something weird in the sofrware?

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@jpTrujilloLevy It isn’t hard, but sure is a round about and inconvenient way :expressionless:
This issue has been raised quite a while back, not aware of any progress though.

Thanks a lot @Vikram_Subbaiah .

After I set 3 decimals I can use listUniqueItem and AllIndicesOf nodes!
Now for some reason I cannot setDiference from main list and pruned Points like I my first example! =S

List A: Round off and reconstruct your main list.
List B: Prune the Reconstructed list
Use List A and List B for SetDifference