Linear Revit Elements - Report distance to nearest parallel grid

Einar_Raknes provided a great workspace to publish the closest intersecting grids to structural foundation families. I’d like to create something similar for linear elements such as Structural Framing and Walls. I’m envisioning that it would report the closest parallel gridline, the offset to it, and the closest gridlines to the start and end in the perpendicular direction. I’m already getting a bit lost in foundationLocationMark.dyn, so I was hoping that someone could help me with it (or at least tell me if it is possible).

@Christopher_Baze Here is at start for you. This will write the nearest parallel grid name to the comments of the beams and the walls. You can further expand this by getting the start and end points of the location curves and use the logic in the location mark post to mark the end points as well.

Beam.GridNameToComments.dyn (20.8 KB)

Link to the other thread:

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Hi Einar _Raknes, great job with the Beam.GridNameToComments.dyn !! it was a lot of help, I wonder fi it is possible to know/collect /write te name of the closest grids located orthogonal to an object. this is my project so far. thanks

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