Learn Dynamo at the Embedded Intelligence AA Visiting School

Dear Dynamo Community,

We are excited to announce the launch of Embedded Intelligence, AA Visiting School New York. Hosted by Mode Lab in Long Island City, this 10-day intensive workshop, from 21-30 July, will combine research in the areas of natural systems and composite materials with methods of advanced manufacturing. Students will have an opportunity to learn software such as Dynamo and Vasari (in addition to: Rhino3D, Grasshopper, and Python) alongside industry experts in a dynamic studio and CNC manufacturing environment.

Short Description:

The workshop will explore the possibility for biological models to influence and enhance architectural systems, wherein intelligence is embedded through differentiated yet continuous high-performance surfaces. Technical sessions will be complimented by a series of lectures from leading academics and practitioners in the fields of architecture, engineering, biomimetics and computation.

There is a fantastic team of instructors and speakers, including:

  • Gil Akos, Mode Lab
  • Andrew Baccon, MachineMade
  • David Benjamin, The Living
  • Evan Greenberg, AA Emtech
  • Chuck Hoberman, Hoberman Associates
  • Will Laufs, LaufsED
  • Ronnie Parsons, Mode Lab
  • Brian Ringley, NYCCT
  • Duann Scott, Shapeways
  • Skylar Tibbits, SJET/MIT
  • Eric Tietz, MachineMade
If you, your colleagues, or students are interested, please do not hesitate to email: newyork@aaschool.ac.uk <mailto:newyork@aaschool.ac.uk>, or for more information, visit newyork.aaschool.ac.uk <http://newyork.aaschool.ac.uk/>

Please note the URL to Embedded Intelligence: http://newyork.aaschool.ac.uk/