Join Geometry Problem

A simple script yesterday worked and today the highlighted doesn’t appear present and now does not work, why?

It is probably me, but it is the fickle nature of Dynamo that holds it back for me at the very least.

Any thoughts, much appreciated.


i think it is a clockwork node
did you uninstall clockwork ?
or try updating clockwork
or delete the red node and place the new one


I haven’t updated or altered l believe since last night, but shall l uninstall clockwork node first?

i have clockwordt 1.31.0 version and then it is working

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Hi @Gcf_Design

Try restarting Revit and See if that helps!

Do you mind replying to your previous posts as well:

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You are star.

What happened from yesterday to today, who knows.

Many thanks!:grinning: