Is it possible to debug Dynamo python code using JetBrains PyCharm?

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For my Python coding, I’m using JetBrains PyCharm (as my IDE) like following:

Is there a way to use the debugger of the JetBrains PyCharm to improve error recognition? or just looking the OUTPUT through a watch node?

Thanks in advance!

I don’t think you can get pyCharm to debug the code that ultimately needs to run in Dynamo and Revit environment to be verified. There is no way that I know of, to attach pyCharm to Revit/Dynamo to execute code in debug mode. So, yes, you can debug by watching errors coming out of the python node in Dynamo.

cc: @Gui_Talarico I think you had a workaround for that with the debugger package though. Can you chime in?

Thanks @Konrad_K_Sobon. So, I guess an alternative way could be the explained by @Gui_Talarico in this post:

I’ll give it a try.


Indeed that’s as close to a debugger as you will get as far as I know. It’s pretty awesome if you ask me.

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Yes, great job!

Added more info on the Console related to pycharm:

For the most part, this Console is good enough for me.
If you want true debugging (step in/out/over) you can look into pydev or winpdb.
These both offer remote debugging and are able to communicate remotely with a remote debugging server.

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Thanks @Gui_Talarico for taking the time to answer here and the other thread. I’ll give it a try !